Earthcore SIPs  will be constructed with 2.0 lb closed cell polyurethane foam packed to 2.3 lbs +/-with skins in various thickness and lengths.

Panel Thickness

  • 2.0”  R13
  • 3.0”  R21
  • 4.0”  R25 Jamb Panel
  • 4.5”  R27
  • 5.5”  R30
  • 6.0”  R39 Jamb Panel
  • 6.5”  R41
  • 7.5”  R49
  • 8.5”  R56

Panel Lengths/Heights

  • 48” to 480”’ in 12”- 24” increments
  • Widths 3”-576”

Special Order Products

Radius Panels from 3.6’ radius to 100’ radius

  • 10.5” R70
  • 12.5” R84

Pre-assembled Wall and Roof sections

Demising Walls

Earthcore also offers a variety of demising wall options for the multi-family or commercial projects. A choice between a magnesium board skin or a Blazeguard® coating can be made to reach a class A fire rating on the skin. The Polyurethane foam we use is resistant to flame spread and has a class A rating.

Foundation Panels

Earthcore SIPs uses closed cell polyurethane foam and MGO board to manufacture below grade structural insulated panels for use in foundation and basement walls.  Panels are individually engineered to the projects specifications. MGO board is used for the skin which is water resistant and stronger than OSB. The foundation panels most commonly are R-56, other R-values are available. Panels can be set on concrete or gravel footings.

Innovative Panels

Earthcore introduced radius panels to its growing list of products as well as the ability to  deliver serpentine walls and arched and barreled roofs. These products should significantly contribute distinctly designed SIPs buildings without compromising effective energy performance.

Where structurally appropriate Earthcore SIPs uses rSTUD™ insulated lumber for its connection points and for the internal lumber requirements of the structural panels. The use of this unique product allows Earthcore to provide a structural panel with no thermal bridging.

Earthcores insulated tilt-up panel. A breakthrough in commercial construction. Finally a way to utilize a component system that not only saves time, but substantially increases the buildings performance.

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